Legendary Dough

Find Your Favorite Pizza Crust

Find Your Favorite Pizza Crust

Try fresh pizza dough in every form at our pizza place in Boise, ID

Everyone has their pizza crust preference. Thankfully, you can find your favorite at Legendary Pizza! Our fresh pizza dough is available in:

  • Thin crust - 425F - 15-17 mins
  • Traditional crust
  • Gluten-friendly crust - 400F - 17-20 mins
  • Cheese stuffed crust

Our signature blend of spices makes our fresh pizza dough unforgettable. Try it for yourself when you pick up a pizza at our restaurant in Boise, ID tonight.

Serving scrumptious gluten-friendly or traditional pizza crusts

We believe that pizza crust should be fluffy, golden-brown and delicious! Our chefs use olive oil to hydrate our dough, making sure it's airy and flavorful. And we also believe that gluten-friendly pizza should be just as tasty as the traditional. You can say goodbye to bland and tough gluten-friendly pizzas. We make sure our crust is light and yummy, even if you go the gluten-friendly route. Learn more about our signature pizza crusts when you get in touch with us today.